Kristen Rodgers  Co-Owner / Photographer / Maker at AND collaborative
"Lisa was the first all-star retoucher that I hired at Quirky. She radiates a warm and joyful personality and loves her craft. She would always go out of her way to learn new retouching techniques, take tutorials and attend classes to up her game. I've always admired her enthusiasm. She has an amazing ability to juggle multiple projects, listen attentively, and take notes on the fly. She thrives in a fast-paced and demanding environment. I definitely enjoyed working with Lisa at Quirky."

Jason Medley  Director of Talent Acquisition at Imgur
"Lisa is one of the best out there. Besides being amazingly talented in image retouching, she brings an amazing spark to the office everyday. She has the unique gift of turning stressful situations around into what seems like a piece of cake. She truly cares about the work she does and the people it affects. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa you won't be disappointed."

Greg Pasternack  Senior Retoucher at Impact Digital NY
"Lisa is a very driven individual who shows great enthusiasm in the retouching work she does. Our experience working together proved that she could take on a great deal of work with plenty of grace and a smile on her face. What's even better is that when it comes to feedback and instruction she listens and is very open to it all–even eager to get it whenever from whomever. If there is one huge strength I would have to call out in her retouching it is her treatment of metals. I was always impressed. If I had my way I would work with Lisa always."

Rebecca Salzman  Manager of Photography Baby/Kids/Mens
"I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Her great personality, reliability, and technical skills made her a valuable part of our team. Lisa is an extremely talented retoucher and her positive attitude make her shine as an employee. She would make an amazing addition to any company."

Shelly Fukushima  Design Director
"Lisa's great - She's detail-oriented and takes an initiative to get projects done well, on time and within budget. She understands project goals & constraints and upholds herself to the highest production standards. Lisa's also a great "team-player" and makes an effort to be available to those that may require extra assistance, even if it requires taking on a larger workload. She's equally skilled and comfortable working on her own or as a member of a creative team."

Joelle M Lau  Creative Director, NBC Universal
"Lisa is a responsible, considerate, professional who has extraordinary talent and knowledge in the pre-press production area of graphic design. I worked with Lisa on large client projects under extremely tight deadlines and she always impressed me with her ability to maintain a consistently positive, humurous attitude that helped make every stressful situation seem easy. She is very thorough and detail oriented. I am highly recommending Lisa to any potential employer, she will no doubt become one of your creative team's greatest assets."