A high-end digital retoucher with a background in print production, layout design and photography. Lisa has worked within a creative team since the beginning of her career, collaborating and critiquing in order to achieve the optimal result for the client.

With years of experience working in ad agencies to start ups, she honed her agility and ability to multitask and constantly change priorities with grace and humor. Along with her eye for detail and retouching expertise she brings a palpable enthusiasm and positivity to every project she is involved in.

Her passion for the craft is matched by her devotion to the clients, company and team members. She welcomes criticism and adapts her style to complement her clients and their brand.

Working on a wide variety of subjects from models, jewelry, and cosmetics to kitchen tools and office products, Lisa has been retouching beautiful high-end imagery for clients including: Tiffany's, David Yurman, Lucky Brand, Chanel, Guess, Sony and MTV Networks.



Freelance Retoucher
Tory Burch  2016 - present
• Retouch luxury jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories. 
• Adhere to brand standards including color matching.

High End Retoucher
Quirky  2013 - 2014
• Used a variety of technical skills to create realistic and images by compositing photographs and digital rendering.
• Collaborated with art directors, product designers and 3D render artist to achieve desired look.
• Worked in the photo studio to trouble-shoot possible time consuming issues in post.
• Created false effects (ex: glowing lights, fire, textures, highlights, shadows, etc.).
• Delivered final imagery for packaging, banners, investor materials and web.

Freelance High End Retoucher
Nucleus Imaging - Retouching Studio  2012 - 2013
• Executed high end retouching for editorial and advertising purposes for clients including:
   Tiffany's, David Yurman, Lucky's and Aerosoles
• Made complex color correction and image manipulation for fashion and luxury items including handbags, jewelry and shoes.
• Worked on beauty and fashion as well as product retouching.

Freelance Digital Retoucher
Catherine Angiel - NYC Jewelry Designer  2012
• Enhanced and color corrected a variety of high end ornate jewelry including:
diamonds, rose gold, pyrite, and black pearls.

Freelance Photo Assistant/Retoucher
MLB.com  2012
• Styled and photographed official MLB merchandise to be sold on the website store.
• Created retouching methods to optimize work flow and consistency.
• Produced quality images while maintaining a balance to meet the high volume of the workflow.

Freelance Image Specialist/Retoucher
Macys.com  2011 - 2012
• Executed clothing, skin and hair retouching, color correction, and removal of imperfections.
• Prepared, named and archived images according to specifications for the web.
• Retouched in a high volume, deadline-driven production environment.

Freelance Digital Retoucher
Coty Beauty  2010 - 2011
• Art directed photo shoots to achieve the clients' needs for the most dynamic product.
• Combined selects from the photography department to create single seamless images.
• Retouched, color-corrected, and composited photos for clients including:
  Chanel, Guess, Sally Hansen, and New York Color
• Worked in RGB and CMYK color spaces as well as managed color via ICC profiles.

Freelance Digital Retoucher
Dylan's Candy Bar  2010
• Worked closely with the owner, selecting images, retouching and compositing possible
designs for her book cover.
• Retouched the final, high resolution art for the book cover.
• Composited hair and heads from multiple shots.
• Performed extensive skin, hair and clothing retouching as well as body manipulation.

Senior Print Production Artist and Retoucher
Cardinal Communications, USA, Inc. 2015-2016, 2009-2010, 2000-2006
• Created print advertising, flyers, invitations, theater blow-ups and other marketing materials.
• Responsible for retouching, pre-press preparation and uploading digital files.
• Interviewed and trained new production artists.
Clients: Miramax Films, Sony Pictures Classics, and Focus Films

Production Artist
MTV Networks, Creative Services 2006-2008
• Executed the retouching and production on numerous national and international high profile industry events including NCTA, MIPCOM and CTAM.
• Retouched images and produced materials for the MTV Networks Upfront Presentation.
• Worked on a wide scope of projects including car clings, ads, stationery, banners, and a Times Square Billboard. 


Pennsylvania State University, 1998
Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in photography

The School of Visual Arts, 2004-2010
Continuing Education: Advanced Retouching Techniques, The Business of Beauty Retouching, Illustrator, Flash and Indesign.